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Knee Immobilizer: Stability And Support For Your Knee

A knee immobilizer is a medical product designed for comfort, and it supports the knee while

providing compression. This product comes in a wide variety of options, and most restricts the knee’s range of motion, which helps the joint to heal faster in post-op situations. In addition to treating the knee after a ligament injury, immobilizer knee braces are sometimes used to help with other conditions like arthritis.

Where To Buy Quality Knee Immobilizers?

Knee Immobilizer

DonJoy is a company that makes medical supplies like crutches, walkers and a number of different braces, including back and knee braces. Some of their more complex braces feature traction as well.

Many medical professionals use and recommend this company’s products. They offer a product called the Universal Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer. This device envelops the leg from the upper thigh to the ankle, just above the shoe, and has multiple Velcro (also known as hook and loop) straps that hold it in place. It only comes in one size, though in varying lengths, because it is adjustable and can fit a number of different sized people. It has aluminum splints inside

the fabric to provide the leg with rigid support. You can buy this product for around $50.

They also have a hinged knee brace, which is made out of Drytex material to keep you comfortable and dry. The DonJoy Drytex Hinged Knee Brace can be yours for around $70. They also have a few knee sleeves, which are generally made out of elastic. They wrap around the leg and some have foam pads while others provide heat therapy. Some have openings for the patella, which help to support it. These products range between approximately $20 and $40.

The DonJoy DuraKold Surgical Knee Sleeve is one of the few products that offers cold therapy. It comes with great accessories like the water-filled ice mats. You can freeze the whole wrap. It is reusable and easy to care for. Cold therapy is used to treat pain and reduce swelling. You can buy this brace for approximately $65.

Ossur, another company that makes braces, has a product called the Premium Sized Knee Immobilizer. It features tri-laminate construction with multiple straps as well as medial and lateral stays for extra support. It comes in different lengths and has an opening for the patella as well as a patellar strap. You can purchase this product for around $30.

 Knee straps are one of the most simple knee products. They are also one of the least expensive and can be purchased for around $10. They generally strap around the knee under the knee cap to provide pressure and stabilization for the knee cap. Some versions have straps above and below the knee cap, which provide even more stabilization, though they are a little more expensive. They are often used by people who have chondromalacia patella.

Whether you have a sprain, inflammation, or ligament injury, a knee immobilizer will help you heal faster and keep you comfortable.




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