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MCL Knee Brace

An MCL knee brace or medial collateral ligament knee brace is a prophylactic knee support

that is used by athletes for protection against MCL tearing or injury. In most contact sports, injury prevention is important to support athletes during their intensive training.

MCL knee brace

The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is among the four major ligaments in the knee that is very vital to its stability. Ligaments control excessive motion by limiting joint mobility. MCL tearing or injury happens when the knee joint is struck from the outside. Since the MCL prevents the knee joint’s widening, it tears or is injured when it is stretched too far outside its limit.

An example of this injury can be seen in a football game when a player is injured due to “clipping”. The medial lateral ligament may also be injured in this type of knee injury. Indications of this injury are intense pain, swelling, and bruising over the ligament. Severe cases show signs of knee instability.

Knee braces are actually divided into categories – prophylactic, functional, and patellofemoral knee braces. A prophylactic knee brace is used to prevent MCL injury while a functional knee brace is used as support after knee surgery. It is also needed for knee stability to reduce re-injury. The last is used for anterior knee disorders like Patellar tendonitis or chondromalacia patella.

Ligament knee braces are made of different types of materials such as metal, plastic, or neoprene with Velcro straps for maximum compression. They can be used during physical therapy, rehabilitation, or when healing from an injury in order to relieve stress from the knees. They can be purchased at sporting good stores, orthopedics suppliers, or drugstores. They come in different designs, too. Some have open kneecap designs while others are hinged neoprene ones. Soft braces are for lateral support to avoid sprains, dislocations, and meniscus tears.

Recommended Braces For Medial Collateral Ligament

The DonJoy Drytex Wraparound Hinged brace is perfect for mild to moderate MCL and LCL instabilities. It is made of drytex material, which is durable and lightweight and made for those with neoprene-based allergies. Priced at around $60 to $125, these braces are very comfortable. Patients can use these while healing from injuries and want to move without feeling unstable or risking further injuries.

Featuring a polycentric hinge with contoured shells, the Playmaker Knee brace is also suitable for those with mild to moderate MCL instabilities. It can be purchased for $330. It has flexible straps and is available in many large sizes. For high-performance athletes who are at risk for severe instability, the DonJoy Legend Knee brace provides stability to severe ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL instabilities. Since these athletes are relying on speed and agility, they would seriously need joint protection. Available at around $600, these don’t come cheap.

 Breg offers many types of knee braces. It has the PTO Patellar Tracking Orthosis that normalizes patella tracking. These are available in neoprene at $160 and airmesh at a price of $170. They also have the Lateral Stabilizer Knee support that gives additional support to the buttress. They are priced at $70 each.

An MCL knee brace is excellent in providing support, compression, and stability. It can also give pain relief to those suffering from arthritis. For any type of knee injury, it is better to consult a physician before choosing or buying your MCL knee brace.




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